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hi my name's megha like meghan without the n and i live in california and i'm just trying to get it right


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"sorry, i'm too busy living in a society where neither a pretty heart nor a pretty mind will ever be enough."

they tell us that our high school years are the most critical and formative ones of our lives. yet at age 13, we are expected to enter high school with a clear vision in mind: a vision of who we are, of who we want to be, and of where we want to end up. students are entering high school with the sole purpose of modeling themselves after the criteria put forth by top tier schools—criteria that, more often than not, overlooks passion and artistry and human engagement; criteria that eliminates the exploration of new options and newfound interests; criteria that tells people that there is one definition of success and that they must model themselves accordingly. many people question as to why society attempts to dictate our every move as we strive to find who we really are. but the more important question is as follows: why do we allow ourselves to become the people we never thought we would, and why does our own self-value rely on our success in the admissions process? the more i learn and the more i understand, the more i wish i were in the dark. the college application process is emblematic of the rest of our lives, dictated by some widely favored notion of what is socially accepted of us: we go to high school, we go to college, we get a job, we meet our significant other, we have kids, we retire, and we die. it may just be me, so correct me if i’m wrong, but i fail to see the part of my life dedicated to what i want. i see the education, i see the work, and i see the family, but i don’t see the living. you can blame it on the corruption of the system, but that won’t change anything. the system we see is the system we have, and the reason it isn’t changing is because people are afraid to act out against what we all know is wrong. we grumble, we complain, and we rant, but at the end of the day, we play by their rules. we join the extra club, we put in the extra service hours, we rely on numbers to tell us our self-worth, and we create the idealized image of ourselves that represents only what society wants to see. the system is corrupt, yes. but it isn’t going to change if we continuously give in to what is expected of us. by boosting our resumes and taking the extra AP class we are accepting society’s future for us; we give them the reassurance that they still maintain the power to dictate the rest of our lives. so, you want change? stop playing by their rules. this is your life, and only you can make it yours. stop complaining about the corrupt nature of society, and instead, fight to prove that success can be attained by disregarding the system. not until you decide that you are in charge of your life will you truly achieve any degree of happiness.

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“we can’t jump off bridges anymore because our iphones will get ruined. we can’t take skinny dips in the ocean, because there’s no service on the beach, and adventures aren’t real unless they’re on instagram. technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure, and we’re helping destroy it every time we google, check-in, and hashtag”

-jeremy glass

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Anonymous said: Hey, can you give advice? 

of courseeee but ask on this blog! i’ll be more likely to answer quickly♥

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sunkiseed said: ive been following you for ages now and your probably one of my favs if not my most favourite haha your beautiful. anyways i was wondering if youll check out my blog and tell me what you think about it? :-) xxxxx 

aw thaank you! this seriously means a lot c: i’ll absolutely do that!

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