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"sorry, i'm too busy living in a society where neither a pretty heart nor a pretty mind will ever be enough."
Anonymous said: Would you not have chosen penn? 

uhh i’m not sure i mean penn is 100% my dream school but in the sense that i never in a million years thought i could get in so i wasn’t even worried about it being an option…i think financially it might have been nice to have a few more options like i can think of a few schools that (had i been able to get in RD) could have easily made me reconsider a few things

that being said, again, penn is 100% my dream school and i’m beyond happy knowing that i actually have the opportunity to go there idk

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Anonymous said: hey can you give some tips of how to get accepted into an Ivy? I'm applying ED to Columbia in fall of '15 but I was wondering if you have any specific suggestions 

um not really hahahaha i would say just don’t do what you’re doing right now like don’t assume there’s a specific formula for getting into some amazing school because there literally isn’t…just make sure your application really reflects who you are as a person don’t try to be someone you’re not? idk if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it isn’t the end of the world…this whole ivy thing is too hyped up in my opinion! this was probably not helpful at all hahaha but feel free to come off anon if you want to talk more specifically about something

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okay-now-stahp said: Hi! Would you mind checking out my blog? Thanks cx 

hi! not at all…of course!

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before-the--storm said: I really love your blog! 

aw thank you so much :)

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